The Nevada Library Association would like to invite all Nevada libraries to participate in the 2017 Annual Snapshot Day. We will have the results from Snapshot Day compiled in a snazzy PDF brochure you can print out and hand to your local politicians and community leaders soon!

See all the past from last year's photos from Snapshot Day 2015 on Flicker.

Snapshot Day is intended to assist in providing trustees, friends, patrons, and library staff with information about Nevada libraries for the purpose of advocacy on both state and federal levels. We ask libraries to choose one day between the dates of April 9th through April 15th and provide photographs, videos clips and statistics for your chosen date. Programs and activities would be appropriate for this program.

We encourage all libraries to participate. Advocacy has become such an important part of our everyday lives, we need to remind those in government office of our importance.  In a time where 23 states are still looking to cut library spending, advocacy has become key to our way of life.

It's fun and easy to do so join us!

Snapshot Day Committee
Joan Dalusung, Washoe County Library System,
Joy Gunn, Henderson Libraries,

See all the photos from
NLA Snapshot Day 2015.