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Virtual Conference

4-1-1 on Library Advocacy
Carla Land, presenter

What happens when government representatives don’t understand the role libraries play in our communities? It’s up to us to tell them! This program focuses on advocacy for youth libraries, but librarians of every ilk are encouraged to attend to learn what they can do to help get the word out.
Powerpoint presentation | 411 Handout PDF

Be Kind...Like Josh!!
Drew Stevens, presenter
Join the Kindness Revolution sweeping Nevada and the country, inspired by the life lived by Josh Stevens who died tragically in an accident in 2008, thirty days before his 13th birthday. See why kids everywhere want to BE KIND… LIKE JOSH!!
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Breaking All the Rules
Michael Sullivan, presenter

Which is more important, the way we have always done things, or the person standing before your circulation desk? Think carefully; the future of your library may depend on your answer. One library maverick will challenge every assumption about public libraries. Hold on tight; this will be a ride.
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But I’m a Nice Person: Effectively Managing Difficult People in Difficult Times
Rivkah Sass, presenter
Staff who are engaged, motivated, and inspired are what we all want, but many of us struggle with wanting to be liked by staff, avoiding conflict at all costs, and simply not knowing how to document, have an uncomfortable conversation, or make the time for effective follow up. This interactive session will include how to develop effective documentation, words to use, and the steps you must take to help staff succeed or succeed elsewhere. You do not have to choose between being effective and being liked. In this session, participants will:
-leave with at least one new idea for being more effective at day-to-day supervision and discipline
-have fun while learning
-feel more comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations and following up with documentation
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Bytes or Trees: I Prefer Trees, Thank You
Suzanne Fayle and Xan Goodman, presenters

Day-to-day interactions with nursing and pharmacy students have led us to believe that they prefer print books over e-books. In this program we will discuss the format preferences of nursing and pharmacy students. We will also share survey results, an analysis of usage statistics, and the outcome of focus group discussions.
Powerpoint presentation

Casual Conversations Through Facebook
Rona Johnson and Scott Clonan, presenters

Have you ever wondered what Facebook could do for your library? How about engaging your users in hot topics, or getting their ideas for programs? Well, Facebook can do this and much more. During this 50-minute presentation, you will get tips for creating a Facebook page and how marketing your page to your library users can increase your program attendance or let the community you serve see what special services your library has to offer.
Powerpoint presentation

Get Your App in Gear
Tammy Westergard, presenter
Because low-to-moderate income individuals (youth in particular) have less access to librarian-educator programs, the goal is to achieve a measurable increase in the number of area individuals (youth in particular) who can access public library-led technology programs regardless of their ability to get to the main library. Specifically the goal is that the primary population of a targeted community partner will participate in a technology program and their staff will understand its components and help recruit participants to the opportunity. Further, participant completion of the week-long program builds basic skills using tablets and applications and further encourages others to desire additional learning opportunities and library-led programming—both embedded and at the public library. The embedded library programming exposes patrons to tablets and apps in a library-led, project-based program that after five one-hour sessions enables students to produce a three-minute "movie" (actually the digital form of an old-fashioned five-paragraph essay, but don't tell them that). Learn how to do it and what it means to embed the library in education and learning partnerships.
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Head in the Clouds
Stephen Abram, keynote speaker

This is an exciting time for libraries. The next phase of the digital experience will be quite different. Community experiences, research experiences, learning experiences, and more are set to change drastically. Legacies like textbooks, non-fiction, children's books, classrooms, websites, and more are about to mutate exponentially. What role will and can librarians play in the creation of this next generation of learning, discovery, and reading? What are the Lego blocks that will build this next phase and how will they puzzle together? Stephen Abram will explore the trends and opportunities from his perspective as a librarian futurist, publisher, and author.
Link to his Powerpoint presentation

How Deaf-Friendly Is Your Library?
Marie Nicholl-Lynam and Chris Carnell, presenters

Do deaf patrons use your library? Would you know if they did? Join us for a brief orientation to deaf culture in the US, methods of communication, tips for hiring interpreters, and ways to create a user-friendly environment in your library for deaf patrons.
Powerpoint presentation

Join the Club: Tips and Tricks for Launching a Successful Book Club
Rebecca Colbert and Debbie Tinsler, presenters

“Join the Club” will share the most important things any librarian should know about starting and maintaining a successful book discussion group. Whether you are a moderator, a reader, or simply quizzed at the reference desk about book clubs, this session will provide you with resources to use, ideas to implement, and titles to suggest to your book discussion groups. Veteran book club moderators will share their secrets for success!
Powerpoint presentation | Join the Club trifold PDF

Out with the Desk
Marc Pillon, presenter
Windsor Public Library, Ontario, Canada, recently won a national technology innovation award for implementing a new service delivery model using Apple iPad and iPhone. This system allows staff to perform their duties anywhere inside or outside the walls of the library where there is a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. WPL is now able to completely service customers right in the stacks or set up remote branches within minutes at places like Starbucks and Home Depot.
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The Role of Local Trustees: Making a Positive Difference During Your Term (Trustee Program)
Stephen Abram, presenter

We’ll explore best practices and cautionary tales in library board success. You represent your community in a formal way. Your appointment or election tasks you with fiscal diligence, strategic review and advice, director performance review, and a true leadership role. How do you and your fellow trustees stay focused? What are the best practices from Nevada and other jurisdictions? How does your board get up-to-speed quickly? What are your responsibilities and how far do they extend? How do you measure success? What about those issues that come as surprises? What tools and information are there to help you? Come hear us frame the key foci and challenges of the 21st-century public library that wants to evolve and continue to succeed in challenging times.
Link to his Powerpoint presentation | Trustee Supplement Finding Your Courage PDF
Trustee Supplement Finding Your Passion PDF | Trustee Supplement Bibliography PDF

Sacrifice, Integrity, and Respect: How to Be a Remarkable Leader
Felton Thomas, presenter
Despite hundreds of books and thousands of hours being dedicated to leadership development, remarkable leadership lessons remain elusive to most. In this comprehensive session, participants will examine the pitfalls of most leadership training, learn the eight qualities of remarkable leadership, and discuss how future leaders need to integrate new leadership paradigms with their own personality strengths.
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Serving Youth at All Public Services Desks
Shana Harrington, presenter

Are you trying to help a mom who is holding a screaming baby? Do you have a teen at your desk who has read “everything” but still wants you to find a book for them? As more and more public libraries are switching to a one desk + one stop = one solution model, our patrons are expecting us to be able to accommodate them wherever and whenever. This program will arm you with the skills to serve caregivers and their children from ages 0-17, as well as a toolkit to take back to your libraries that will contain simple book talks for all ages, reading lists, programming ideas to bring together teens and adults, and secret tips for serving all of our patrons thoroughly and efficiently.
Powerpoint presentation | Serving Youth Toolkit PDF

Show and Tell - Learn and Do: It’s Easy if You Think of Messaging This Way
Tammy Westergard, presenter

How does messaging about your library programs and resources add to or diminish the direction of the library? Well, the short answer to that question is: We bring about what we talk about. Or not. Far too many librarians’ hands-off stance about messaging may be because it feels more like selling, and that makes the task feel very personal. We feel we and our library are being examined for value. “Most librarians are not the salesperson type. There are, of course, exceptions, but by and large we are as a group not particularly outgoing. Generally we are unwilling to insert ourselves into situations where we’re unsure if we’re wanted, and loathe to leave the safety of our little library fiefdoms,” (Twenty steps to marketing your library online. Journal of Web Librarianship. Houghton. January 2007). Librarians are not alone in this feeling, by the way. Librarianship requires profound talents in messaging and communication, and the professional work ethic and personal integrity to execute them every day. Messaging is integral to every single function of the library. For anyone who feels uncomfortable with that, they are in the wrong job. Learn more about how to show, tell, learn, and do the work of messaging your library programs and resources.
Powerpoint presentation